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Hi! This looks super awesome!
I really want to join, building software for the Continuum.
I can't register on your forums, though. It seems registration of new users is disabled.
Best regards!

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Hi there!

Thank you kindly for your interest in this!

Yes, the forum is disabled for now. I got A LOT of spam on it, need to implement a better and nicer forum.

The reason for which I didn't yet do that is because I am on a deadline for a rather big update for Continuum. Added quite a few important things and I expect it to be released in a couple of weeks.

Actually I am now working on updating documentation and preparing the video.

Keep close. 😉

Oh, no worries at all!

I’ll try and keep up!

Did you consider creating a Discord for your project?

I’m looking very much forward to your new documentation and video! I am struggling a little bit on grasping a few things, but your example programs are quite helpful!

You raise a very good point. I think a discord is definitely something that can be set-up way faster. Let me look into that and I'll probably have something ready in a few days.

Will comment here and probably update some info description when ready.

In the mean time, if you have any questions, ask away here. :)

Created the Discord channel. See the description above for the link. 😉

Thanks, I’ve joined! 😎